There is no better way to transform your yard into usable space for having a backyard BBQ with friends or enjoying a relaxing summer evening with your family. There are countless options for patios, from bricks or cobblestone to flagstone. You could add a fire ring to provide a cozy spot on a brisk fall night. Or take it up a notch and add a seating wall with low voltage lights!



        Walkways are very important for leading people to a destination. We lay a variety of walkways using flagstone, pavers, and even boarders. The pavers can be placed in different patterns such as runningbond, herringbone, "I" pattern, and basketweave.


          Retaining walls are a great way to hold back a bank or create a larger level area in your yard. You can even add a set of stairs for an easier way to the front door or up a steep bank.


         Steps can be incorporated into a multilevel patio or to get from an upper yard to a lower yard clean and safe, as mentioned above. 


          We would love to work with you to design and install the ideas you have. No matter how big your dream, we are the right choice for you!

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